Sep 30, 2008

Area Pastor’s Sense Of Humor Largely Under-Appreciated

In one of life’s odd little ironies, a local pastor’s well-developed and robust sense of humor, finely-tuned over the course of nearly 50 years, falls largely on deaf ears and rarely receives the credit or appreciation that it deserves. “Well, when I think of pastors, I think of hell and fire and brimstone and unspeakable torment – so I am always a little taken aback when one of them tells a joke” said a local farmer. “It takes me a while to figure out that it is a joke, and then I get all worried that I might go to Hell if I don’t laugh. It’s all very disconcerting” he said meekly.
“Well, I like my humor to be a little more direct; like slipping on a banana peel or sitting in paint or whatever” said a local woman. “The jokes he tells tend to be ‘plays on words’ or have deep life lessons somehow built into them – and although funny if you think about them, it just takes too much energy for a busy mother of 3. He is obviously very clever and has good delivery, but his jokes should have more people falling down or forgetting to wear their pants when they go shopping or whatever. Plus, if his humor was any drier, it would be the State of Arizona” she said.

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