Sep 30, 2008

Local Pastor Stuns Town By Being An “Early Adopter” Of Cutting Edge Micro-Fiber Technology

Although, as a rule, modern pastors tend to reject worldly things and focus more on the realm of the spiritual; a local pastor has thrown caution to the wind and jumped firmly behind a relatively unknown niche of cutting-edge 21st century technology – the misunderstood and somewhat sinister ‘micro-fiber revolution’. “Well, no one in the congregation knows what to make of it – or even if this is something from ‘above or below’, if you catch my meaning” said a local elected official and more-or-less faithful church-goer.

“One day we are nagging him because he only checks his email once every 3rd blue moon – and then he throws a technological curve ball at us and begins showing up at church with some really nice, space-age shirts that are the envy of the congregation and that seem to be impervious to all known stains. It is pretty hard to get your mind around that one” he said. “Although we would all feel much more comfortable if he chose to wear camel hair shirts like our Bible heroes, I guess those can be pretty hard to find in Spokane - or so I hear.” he said sympathetically and with only a tinge of suspicion.

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