Sep 30, 2008

Local Mayor Faces Stern Rebuke At Recent Town Meeting

In a bold move to shore up the declining social and fashion standards that signal the twilight of any great culture, a local councilwoman laid into the Mayor for undermining the very American way of life that we all love and cherish. “Well, we may be a small town that is struggling to make its way in the post-industrial world where the lack of technological infrastructure puts us at a severe disadvantage in the bare-knuckles brawl that is the competitive global economy, but that is no darn reason not to iron your shirt before coming to a council meeting” said a steamed, esteemed council woman of long standing. And don’t even get me started on that ridiculous haircut or those sad shoes” she said. “As Mayor and an elected representative of our fair town, the least he could do is a decent ‘drip-dry’, for Pete’s sake!!!!” she seethed. “Oh, mercy!! These are truly the times that try one’s soul!!!”

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Michael said...

Sadly, I worked for an office where they felt it necessary to make a dress code rule that said, "No excessively wrinkled clothing." It wasn't grounds for dismissal, but they could send you home to change, and dock your pay for the missed hours. Telling them, "Those aren't wrinkles, the clothes are following my body contours," wasn't a good answer either, because there was also a rule against revealing clothing, which is good, because no one needs a mental picture of someone who says the wrinkles on their clothes match their body contours. EWWWW! That's just wrong.