Sep 30, 2008

Movie Night in Lamont

As we all know, few things signify budding romance and rekindled love more than gathering with a sweetie and secretly holding hands and snuggling under the disapproving stares of your neighbors in the Lamont Community Center during our now famous “Movie Nights” put on by friends of the Lamont Community Church. Held the second Saturday of every month (until further notice), a fine, wholesome, family-friendly movie is shown (free of charge) and popcorn and hotdogs are also provided free (yes, that is an outrageously sweet deal). Candy is offered for sale, and donations are welcome to keep this event going. So, mark your calendars, grab the kids and come on down at 6:30 PM on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Next one is October 11th. The next movie is even better than the last one, if that is even metaphysically possible!! (yes, rumor has it that strong, steadfast farm wives who have lived thru drought, storm and volcano eruptions were seen furtively wiping away tears after the touching ending of the last one - but as Mayor I can neither confirm nor deny that)


Fang said...

Them's the best hotdogs I ever ate. I ain't sure what Ruth does to 'em, but for an old guy with just a few teeth, they are a dream come true. That girl is a doggone good cook, regardless of what her friends in Sprague say! Save me a hotdog, Ruthie. I'll be the one with the big smile!

Miffed said...

I find Fang and his comments insensitive to the "dentally challenged" among us. Not everyone can remember to brush and floss - so society's inherent bias against anyone without all their teeth is an affront to an inclusive, caring community we all say we want to live in. Shame on you, Fang!!!. I hope those hotdogs give you indigestion!!

Michael said...

Maybe we can git Ruthie to cook fer one-a Dave's banjer-pickin' hootenannies! Better come up to Garfield to do it tho', cuz us natives up here's gittin' a might bit restless. [Also gotta convince Dave there won't be no dang-fool wiener dogs to skeer 'im off.]