Oct 2, 2008

Lamont Time Capsule - Area Sheep Farmer Goes On Shearing Rampage

Twelve sheep, two cats and an Idaho family just asking for directions were unceremoniously sheared late Monday when Palouse sheep farmer Wilber Smith, 41, wanted to try out his new cordless shearers to see if they were as good as the ones with the cord. "It was horrible. What a beast! Hair was flying everywhere." said a local postal employee who witnessed the frightening shearing spree while making her rounds. "Well, let’s just say it gives new meaning to the expression ‘seeing the fur fly." she said. “And those poor Idaho people. They all thought it was funny when a brother or sister was having their hair shorn, but when it was their turn it stopped being so funny.” she said.

Before deputies could arrive to bring matters in hand, however, the unfortunate spree ended abruptly when Smith turned the shears on himself. The sheep farmer then proceeded to paint the stunned victims with a 4 digit number in bright neon paint for easy visual ID when they are returned to the flock, herd, pack, gaggle, pod or whatever grouping it is those dang Idahoans belong to. Smith was later quoted as saying “Cordless is cool. It really allows the freedom of motion that a man like me needs - especially if one of them critters makes a run for it”.

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Anonymous said...

I know it. I was there to see it. That's why instead of a full beard, I have this mohawk on my chin.