Oct 4, 2008

What An Honor! Thank You Naval Honor Guard!!

For those of you who attended the recent Lamont Official Flag Raising Ceremony in the park, words will provide a shallow representation of the real impact of that ceremony and cannot help but fail to capture the impressive nature of the young men and women who represented our Armed Forces on that important occasion. Lamont would like to thank Joseph Nechanicky, CS1, Naval Honor Guard Coordinator and his team as well as all of the very impressive “Sea Cadets” who were a key part of the whole extravaganza and who were all, as was said by more than one grandmother “so darn cute”. Although Lamont prefers to recognize their military attributes and impressive bearing and precision - grandmotherly views matter too! That is yet another reason to be thankful we live in the good old USA!!! Lamont would also like to thank Michele Beckmann and he husband (who are the proud parents to two of the Sea Cadets) for providing the pictures and for raising such fine kids! All members of the Military Honor Guard Ceremony are encouraged to come back to Lamont on October 12th (1:00 PM - Comm Center) for the next Town Potluck where we can meet them again in less formal circumstances and all of our grandmothers can have another chance at making an outrageous fuss over them!

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