Dec 27, 2008

Local Man Has To Borrow Snow Shovel To Dig Way To Garage To Get Own Snow Shovel

In an ironic twist of circumstances that harkens back to the classic "Chicken and Egg" debate that has been raging for centuries, a local man was forced to leave the warm, reclusive confines of his abode and interact with neighbors for the first time since September in order to borrow the neighbor's snow shovel so that he could hack a path to his garage (and thus to his tools) that had drifted over in the latest onslaught in what has been by all accounts a very snowy winter. "Well, I had just finished shoveling my walkway when my neighbor came over and presented me with his unique dilemma" said the good neighbor. "Although I was glad to loan my shovel to him, and even offered to assist, I could not help but ponder the philosophical and logistical intangibles that this problem presented, as well as cast a casual eye on the fact that the only time he ever comes over to talk to me is when he needs something" said the man. "I am always happy to lend a hand, but it would be nice if he came over once in a while for coffee or just to say hello" he said.

The man, after borrowing the snow shovel, contemplated bringing the 'good neighbor' cookies his wife had just baked as a way of saying 'thanks', but instead just decided to sneak over and leave the shovel propped by the side door so that it would be easily found the next time his neighbor ventured outside for whatever reason. The final thought the man had was that he hoped no one would steal the shovel in the meantime, thus presenting the impression that the shovel was never returned and necessitating another social interaction when the neighbor came over to reclaim it - probably the next time a blizzard hit - which, given the current winter we are having, would more than likely be in a day or two.

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