Jun 3, 2009

Whitman County Strikes AGAIN!!!

The Town of Lamont, nestled in a beautiful corner of Whitman County, WA, was once again given a reason to be thankful that, thru sheer chance and happenstance, they were blessed to be under the umbrella of such an outstanding, caring, professional county government that is really a model for how counties should operate. This latest example of Whitman County exceeding all known expectations involves an almost unbelievable program where a County employee arrives on site with a wood chipper and obliterates outrageous piles of branches and twigs that otherwise, over time, would cover the entire town and render travel of any kind darn near impossible. Tim Moran, one of the sharpest young men any of us have met in a while (our experience tells us that the overall quality of the Whitman County employees, especially that unbelievable Sheriff's Department, are well above the norm) was the point person for the operation and demonstrated a professional 'safety first' attitude, showed a strong and measured work ethic (working with old, fat guys always needs to be taken into consideration when you are a young 'whippersnapper' like Tim) and a positive, happy, solution-oriented attitude that just made the whole enterprise a whole lot of fun. (especially for the Mayor who seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time at or near the garden hose while the chips were actually flying)

"Whoa... If I had a dollar for every night I woke up in a cold sweat contemplating the possibility that our fair town was situated just a few miles over and in another county, I could afford to quit cutting my own hair, for Pete's sake!" said the obviously contrite and thankful Mayor. "We are so blessed to be under the thoughtful management of the Whitman County government, and cannot say enough about the services they provide and the common-sense, can-do attitude they bring to the table. Take this wood chipper program for example. In small towns like Lamont, little problems can become 'show-stoppers' in a hurry. Without the wood chipper program, the town would have had to resort to raising herds of beavers to just gnaw away at the unsightly stuff day in and day out, all year round. But anyone who has ever been downwind from a herd of beavers will quickly realize that that can be downright unpleasant, to say the least. Plus, we have several citizens with wooden legs, and that is just a recipe for disaster." he shuddered. "So, once again we are thankful for that whole Whitman County team and are just glad that our Town founding fathers, when they collapsed in an exhausted heap all those years ago, just didn't have the energy to stagger a few more miles to the north or west - and when they founded the Town, they did it in Whitman County. We owe them a lot" he sniffed, furtively wiping away a tear.

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