Jun 2, 2009

Town Unveils Plans For New "Century West Pavilion" To Be Built In Park

In a bold attempt to capture the very essence of the "Lamont Experience", the intrepid Town of Lamont unveiled their plans for putting a cover over the fire pit in the park so that it can enjoy year round use and provide even more outrageous levels of satisfaction to our discerning park visitors. "Well, when you think of Lamont, you think of class, sophistication and the cutting edge of the cultural experience, so we could not just build any old cover over our aging and often neglected fire pit" said the Mayor. "And given our outstanding relationship with Dennis Fuller and our town engineering firm, Century West Engineering, we just felt that something special was in order, especially since the Council decided to name the new structure the "Century West Pavilion" in honor of the fantastic improvements they have spearheaded in the Town" he said.

"So, needless to say, our design review committee had a huge job of sorting thru our options - which was no easy task given that architecture is a physical, multi-dimensional representation intended to capture the essence of the very culture that produces it. That rare blend of form and function, dovetailed in with the verve and spunk that Lamont has in such abundance was no easy task, indeed" said the Mayor, once again blathering incoherently as is his unfortunate custom. "And given that we became deadlocked between the current design and one that was an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower (that design had obvious advantages given the need to remove smoke from the population at large while still allowing room to grill burgers), I, as Mayor, had to make the tough call and serve as the tie breaker. I know there are any number of "second-guessers" and "Francophiles" who will grumble for a while - especially since Lamont is known as the "Paris of the Palouse" - but that is why they pay me the big bucks, I guess" he said. "Leadership has its rewards - but also its burdens" he stammered before venturing over to the park to move the sprinklers before the park becomes brown like last year. "And, now that we will have a covered structure in the park, maybe our dream of competing with "The Gorge" for the big name entertainment talent will finally be within our grasp. Plus, the 'Lamont Ballet Company' will now have a new place to perform, assuming the mosquitoes are not too bad, that is" he concluded introspectively.

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