May 9, 2009

Even The Sunsets Are Better After Lamont Treatment Program Causes Millions Of Mosquitoes To Die!!!

The picture above is of a now typical sunset as enjoyed in the town of Lamont after we, with the help of Kynda and John Sypher and all the fine folks at Tekoa, began treating the town for mosquitoes on a weekly basis. We are not sure how or why, but even the sunsets have been between 65-90% more colorful and enjoyable since the blood-sucking hoards of winged insects began to drop from the sky like so many leaves from the devil's favorite tree in hell. Oh yea, victory is sweet - especially when you have the blood left to enjoy it! The question is: were sunsets always this wonderful and we just couldn't enjoy them due to blurred vision caused by inadequate circulation to the brain - or are the sunsets (and sunrises) actually better now - like the world is rewarding us for finally getting off our duffs and killing the darn mosquitoes? Somehow, we may never know - but we don't really care at this point. But, it will be something to ponder next winter when there are 3 foot snow drifts and the wind howls like a scorned banshee and everyone feverishly awaits the warm embrace of Spring once again (and complains about all the snow and the state of the roads and why the Town doesn't shovel their property to their exact specifications although they are physically capable of doing so! Oh, the joys of Spring!!)

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An Incessant Hint Dropper said...

We're going to go through a baby boom next year, you realize. All that extra blood in people's systems has to go somewhere. Something will come up. It will be big news. It will be hard on people to believe it. We won't even get into that hot dog analogy again. All I'm sayin' is, we won't be the second smallest town for long!