May 9, 2009

The Sun Also Rises On Lamont

What an apt literary reference (from Hemingway fame) for a town that was pretty much written off for dead by not only a vast majority of the citizenry, but also pretty much anyone who knew anything about the town. Lamont is a textbook case of a few caring individuals making a difference, pooling their talents and resources and saying "hell no" to the powerful and stubborn forces of decay, neglect, apathy and disorder. Lamont is blessed by being located in Whitman County and having a fine County Commissioner like Greg Partch, by having strategic partnerships with first rate organizations like Century West Engineering (Dennis Fuller, their head man, has done more to instill a sense of hope and purpose in the future than just about anyone) - and finally, as anyone who has dealings with small towns knows, the key to any multi-faceted recovery hinges on having a good Town Council - and Lamont has one of the best. We have had some turn-over in that regard, but for every one that left a new, vibrant individual stepped up to grab the bull by the horns (Ruth, Michael, etc). With caring leadership and a core team of devoted citizens, (of which Lamont has more than its fair share) literal mountains can be moved. The Lord has shined His blessing on this little town in the Palouse, because a few people were foresighted enough to ask Him and He never withholds His blessings for work done in His name. As it is often said "You can judge a tree by its fruit" and as of late the Lamont fruit has been good indeed - not because of a surplus of money or management talent or some hidden program - but thru sheer persistence and positive momentum. It has been said that victory has 1000 fathers but defeat is an orphan, and in the Lamont case this is true. Many people have put their hearts (and backs) into the effort, and future harvests look promising indeed. There are many people to thank and many hands to shake, and you all know who you are - so keep up the good work! This is not the beginning of the end - but the end of the beginning (okay, I stole that one from Winston Churchill) so let's keep moving onward and upward! Thanks everybody. There is a lot more to do (but it gets easier from here on out)!

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A Bobblehead said...

I've been especially impressed with councilman etc. He or she (could go either way with a name like "etc") has been instrumental in voting on agenda items after someone made a motion and someone else seconded it. Etc may not talk up the issues him- or herself, but that non-specific "aye" heard from some direction (I'm sure there was a quorum, but etc is so hard to see), has helped bring unification to many votes, and that's just great. So thank you etc.