Apr 6, 2010

The Normally Snarling and Cantankerous Town Council Becomes All Sweet And Docile After Mayor Mentions Tekoa's Kynda Browning

In the classic and time tested ploy of "A little sugar makes the medicine go down", a local Mayor was forced to employ powerful forces from outside of Lamont to once again overcome the determined and quite understandable opposition of the Town Council who, in a testament to good government and common sense, is hell-bent on thwarting each and every hair-brained scheme and incoherent boondoggle that the Mayor trots out from that seemingly bottomless pit of bad ideas that he has.

"Well, anytime I am in the same room with that doggone Mayor, it takes all of the energy and restraint I possess (and some she obviously doesn't!) to just not reach over and pinch his dadburn head off" said a local red-cheeked Councilwoman with largely justified emotional outrage! (whoa, tell us how you really feel! Don't hold back!) "And as he sat there floundering and sputtering and working me into a towering inferno of surprisingly Viking-like fury - and no thought was more consuming for me than just putting the poor soul out of his quite pitiful misery once and for all - when all of a sudden, in apparent desperation, the Mayor brought up that quite outstanding Kynda Browning's name and all the good things she has done to help Lamont, and I just felt this eerie, supernatural calm descend upon my inflamed, warlike passions like a gentle ocean mist putting out the last stubborn embers of a raging forest fire or whatever! And before I knew it, that stupid Mayor got his whole outrageous agenda approved; lock, stock and barrel! I just found myself voting yes, yes, yes - like I was having some sort of municipal 'out-of-body experience' or something! It was as if I was helpless against such a powerful talisman! Darn his eyes! That just wasn't fair!" she pouted quite demurely!

"Well, this pains me to say, but the Mayor is obviously not as dumb as he looks - I mean - how could he be? Whoa!" said a local Councilman who asked not to be identified because saying even halfway nice things about the Mayor ensures certain defeat in the next election. (was that 'halfway nice'?? - Good gravy, man! What a tough crowd!) "Anyway! There he was, blathering on hopelessly like he always does - lulling the entire council into self-contained little beacons of annoyance and righteous fury - when at just the right moment - mere seconds before some hideous melee broke out, he so casually trots out Kynda Browning's work for the Town and the whole Council just folded like a cheap suit - myself included! At that exact second I was fantasizing about running him down with my tractor when all of a sudden he muttered that name and I heard birds chirping, I smelled wild flowers blooming and before I could restrain myself I had agreed to things that I would be naturally opposed to on moral, legal, ethical, common sense, and 'good taste' grounds! That rascal did it to us again!" he fumed while stomping his foot in blind, impotent rage!

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