Nov 13, 2008

Gov. Palin Tours Lamont’s New Road Project: “Holy cow! It’s like a dream!!” She Says

Alaska Governor and future hope for the Republican Party (and thus America) Sarah Palin was spotted checking out the new road project in Lamont as she made her way by car back to the frozen hell that is Alaska in November. “Well, the buzz in the power circles of Washington D.C. was all about the wonderful use of tax dollars in Lamont and the fantastic design and implementation by Century West Engineering” said the beaming Governor. “I have seen a lot of construction, but the professionalism, engineering excellence and attention to detail demonstrated by Century West in Lamont is profoundly amazing. That Dennis Fuller and his core team are true national assets! It really gives me hope for the future of this great nation!” said the new American icon who can gut a moose in under 30 minutes. “I just wish there was some way to entice Century West to bid on contracts in Alaska in addition to focusing on Washington, Oregon and Idaho” said the Reagan-esque mother of 5 and true feminist role model. “And by the way, that new extension of 6th street was bold and innovative – and was a clever way to utilize excess dirt from the excavation phase of the road bed preparation process” she said. “And that hydro-seed was applied evenly without too much clumping. Nice!!!” (parody)

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Michael said...

Missing caption from the photo:
"Hey! We're in time for the movie at the Community Center! Let's go see!"