Nov 6, 2008

Local Dog Tricked Again By Above-Average IQ Lamont Raccoons

A local pooch was foiled again after falling for the classic “no, you go first” trick that seems to be favored by the highly intelligent and manipulative raccoons that have been plaguing Lamont for the last several months. The dog, one of the beautiful animals that was saved from a ‘puppy-mill-gone-bad” in Adams County, is adapting well to Lamont – although it is having a hard time adjusting to the unusually smart raccoons that live here. “Well, the average raccoon in Adams County is pretty stupid” said Dr. Pete Marshall – Animal Behaviorist at BSU. “So, it is easy for dogs in that county to realize they are being tricked or duped and not fall for the shenanigans that raccoons are known for. But when they come to Lamont/Whitman County and are faced with the smooth talking, worldly, highly polished, narcissistic raccoons that seem to thrive here – their natural defenses are torn down and they tend to get outsmarted time and time again. It’s really quite unfortunate. That dog fell for the oldest trick in the book - and allowed the raccoon to polish off the catfood in the garage undisturbed. It was all so senseless, really" he said.

If anyone would like to help support the fantastic group of individuals (Adams County Pet Rescue) who helped save these lovely dogs (they need a lot of help in a variety of ways, folks) or would consider adopting a wonderful animal, please take a minute and visit their website. The Palouse is known for people with big hearts – and nothing proves this more than taking in a dog that has been mistreated and giving it the love that it needs and deserves. The love you get back in return will more than repay any effort extended. These mini-Aussies need your help. (talk about cute, smart dogs!) All they need is a chance at the wonderful life you can provide them. If you cannot adopt a dog, financial support is much needed, too.
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The Centurion said...

I'll tell you exactly why Lamont raccoons are so suave and sophisticated. It's because they were secretly sent to New York by American Express and trained by Ellen DeGeneres. That's right; as if she hasn't done enough damage to people with her daily barrage of mind-numbing swill, now she trains raccoons from all over America to trick adorable little puppy dogs into trapping themselves in cages. Don't believe me? Click this video link and see for yourself. PROOF!!! When will this madness end???

This announcement is endorsed by your local chapter of Dogs Against Raccoon Education (D.A.R.E.)