Nov 5, 2009

BIAS Accounting Software Wins Lamont's Coveted "Even The Mayor Can Use It' Award

In a testament to user friendliness and excellent, streamlined and intuitive design and functionality, the Town's official accounting software package, BIAS of Spokane, drew gasps of surprise and stunned, awe-inspired head-shakes from a seasoned cabal of grizzled, jaded, decidedly-worldly 'software development insiders' (who have been around the block a few times and have seen it all, let me tell you!) when word leaked out that even the Mayor of Lamont was able to logon and produce a report without a Clerk/Treasurer being within earshot. "Well, we knew our software was good, we just didn't realize how good, I guess" said an unnamed BIAS spokesperson. "Sure, our software is designed specifically for municipal-type governments and is tailored to the unique requirements of the great State of Washington, but all that is just the form and function of the thing. The really hard part that challenges software design teams is not only putting in the functionality needed by our users - but also designing the workflow processes in such a way that a wide range of skill levels can utilize these capabilities. So, when word leaked out thru the Association of Software Design Engineers, our national guild, that even the Mayor of Lamont was able to print a report, we knew right then that we had pretty much expanded its functional range enough to include the broadest possible set of users!!" he gushed!. (Editorial Note: This last part is basically code wording for "Holy Guacamole!!! If that Mayor can use our software successfully, then we must have indeed done something really extraordinary here, for Pete's sake!") In fact, although a gaggle of old, crotchety, near-blind chimps has a much higher statistical probability of successfully using any given software package, the very fact that this self professed 'technological laggard' and 'pen and pencil man' was able to even get past the initial 'logon screen' that requires a password and then climb the 'Mount Everest' of all new software challenges - finding the report and then hitting the print button, is testament enough to the excellence of the BIAS Software product offering.

"Well, it was touch and go there for a while" said the Mayor, exhibiting the early signs of PTSD (Post Traumatic Software Disorder). "When I so casually yet boldly sauntered up to the computer (in fact, he circled his nemesis wearily like an aging bullfighter on the shady side of a less than distinguished career - taking the measure of a youthful and unusually cantankerous and spirited bull) and began the process of gathering the much needed data (after several dramatic moments of deep and pious reflection - or was it indeed prayer?), while buckets of sweat were pouring off of me and those voices in my head had reached a shrieking, feverish crescendo! But this information was so important (and the report it was needed for was so late, doggone it!) that I had no choice but to just 'soldier on' bravely, stiff upper lip and all of that. And before I knew it, and after only one support call to the very helpful (and patient!) BIAS Support Desk, (They are worth every cent!) I had that sweet little water usage report in my hot little hand and I was doing the "Rump Shaker" all over the office. (Editorial Note: The so-called 'Rump Shaker' is what one might call 'a dance' (if one uses the term loosely!) that is too horrific and potentially life damaging to discuss, (let alone witness!!) so is thus not supported, sanctioned or encouraged in the pages of the folksy, family-oriented and shockingly modest Lamont Blog). So, after this stunning success, the Mayor, flushed and pink-cheeked from his quite unexpected victory, has every intention of attempting another seemingly impossible and 'devil-may-care' feat next week - faxing a document to an actual fax machine - assuming fax machines are still in use outside the 2nd smallest town in the State - given that Lamont tends to be several generations (at least!) behind the times in terms of technology, except when it comes to our choice of a 'world-class', cutting-edge, totally-easy-to-use accounting software package, that is.

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