Nov 11, 2009

The Expression "You're Preaching To The Choir" Causes Area Pastor To Rethink Basic Priorities

In a bold stand against the shocking laxness in the modern use of language, an area pastor (not from any church in Lamont, thank goodness!) Simeon 'Skeeter' Potash III (of the somewhat notorious Potash clan), laid the full force of his ecclesiastical powers in opposition to a too-often used and sometimes confusing expression that has crept into almost every segment of modern society - often to the detriment of all!! "Well, I was commenting on the offensive shortcomings of the Seattle Seahawks 3rd down conversion strategy to a football buddy of mine (yes, it would seem that even pastors do indeed have friends like other people do) when out of the blue he just blurted out "You're preaching to the choir, Skeeter, you're preaching to the choir'" said the perturbed paragon of purported pastoral piety. "When I heard him say that, my first thought was "Hey, you are not even in the choir" (or maybe he had just joined and didn't tell me - but no, I have heard him sing, unfortunately!) and then it dawned on me that not only does he not even go to my church (which suddenly struck him as odd - come to think of it), but he has not darkened the door of a church since his daughter got married for the 3rd time to that used car salesman from Northern Idaho. (and then it was under protest!) And what am I doing spending Sunday afternoon (usually from 12:30-ish until the 'little woman' finally gets a late dinner on the table - sometime around 6:00 PM, bless her sweet domestic heart) watching football (or baseball, hockey, golf, etc - depending on the season) with my friends when there are widows and orphans to help and human beings crying in the wilderness? I just lost track of my priorities somehow. That whole 'choir thing' was kind of a real eye-opener for me, I guess" said the prodigious pulpit-pounder before finally settling himself back down on the sofa and diving into the remains of the corn chip bag (sadly, the jalapeno bean dip was long gone at this point!) since the Seahawks were only down by 4 points and were driving at the opponents 34 yard line with 1:22 left in the game (with all 3 time-outs left, too!) and - besides, these 'spiritual/relationship' considerations can be dealt with during the post-game show - assuming no other really good sporting events were on another channel, that is. But this will be the last Sunday for frivolous, 'Roman Circus-like' entertainment for awhile, he vowed.

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