Jan 28, 2010

Town Enters 2010 With Century West Engineering Poised To Oversee "All That Complicated Stuff"

In a bold move that dramatically minimizes the looming specter of complete and total disaster if left to their own devices, the Town of Lamont once again chose the Spokane-based engineering firm, Century West Engineering, to help them cope with the radical culture shock that is the 21st century. (we won't even mention the 19th or 20th!) "Well, the Town and the Fire District are planning a new Community Services Building with a generous grant from those unsung heroes over there at the Dept. of Commerce and it was time to formally go thru the process of picking an engineering firm once again" said the Mayor in a strange mixture of primitive grunts and feeble hand gestures. "So, anyway, after reviewing the surprisingly robust and well-qualified list of applicants, any number of which were excellent in the extreme (Belsby, for one), Lamont chose to stay with the mind-numbingly excellent engineering firm that dragged us kicking and screaming from the Cro-Magnon era to somewhere around the year 1750 in just under 4 years!" he said enthusiastically while swatting at a persistent and obviously determined horsefly. "Sure, change of that magnitude is hard, especially in Lamont and the surrounding area, (Oh, the surrounding area! Don't even get us started!) but I just cannot see going back to starting cooking fires by rubbing sticks together or going to fetch water from the creek (pronounced 'crick') versus turning on one of those new-fangled tap things after working up one towering thirst chasing after those wily migrating caribou!" he grunted. (Darn caribou! Why can't they just stand still instead of running for their lives all the time?)

"So, with this whole Community Services Building project, not only is the ever patient Century West exposed to the almost unbelievable list of idiosyncrasies that the Town of Lamont brings to the table, but they also must navigate the political intrigues and archaic totems that are the common fare in dealing with other governmental organizations in this immediate area" he said. "That takes a level of understanding, patience and persistence that is much more common in a boxing referee than in a world class engineering firm. Believe me, being the Mayor I know first hand how difficult we can be, but exposing the Century West team to the broader cultural context that is the Greater Lamont Metropolitan Area just seems a little cruel at times! (God bless Bryan Hicks!) - but Century West has proven their mettle over and over again and somehow continues to 'bring home the bacon' for us!" said the Mayor, using a somewhat ill-fitting food reference after realizing that he forgot to eat breakfast and that that growling noise is not in fact from some meddlesome saber-toothed tiger prowling the camp looking for a quick snack. "So, anyway, it is another year and thanks to Century West our future looks bright indeed. Let's just hope Lamont and the surrounding area don't somehow goof it all up!" he said hopefully (Don't you mean naively?)

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