Jun 16, 2010

Area Mayor Somehow Thinks That Latin Expression "Pro Bono" Is Somehow Related To The Now Defunct "Sonny And Cher" TV Show

In yet another staggering blow to the already battered US education system, an area mayor just naturally assumed that a fairly common Latin expression was tied to a cheesy, tiresome, formula-driven yet glitter-filled cultural classic from this nation's somewhat embarrassing past. This said mayor - a man who basically quit learning from the culture at large sometime around the year 1977, failed to grasp the intent of the speaker when this expression was used to describe how services were to be provided to the town. "Well, what in tarnation does the 'Sonny and Cher Show' have to do with how we are going to get a dadburn website, for crying out loud?" stammered the mayor who was close to having a cerebral spasm trying to connect the two unrelated concepts. "Sure, that was a good TV show and all - and what normal person doesn't sing "I've got you, babe" at least three times a week (thankfully, the mayor does it when he is alone!) - but I fail to see what one of the best musical and acting talents ever produced by this great country has to do with our stinking web page! Of course I am pro-Bono!!! Who isn't?? Especially when he is teamed up with that paragon of American womanhood and all around dreamboat Cher! Oh, I don't mind if our home page has a huge picture of that adorable couple and all, in fact I demand it, but I need to get an idea about how much the darn thing is going to cost. Lord knows that the very mention of Sonny Bono had me sold on the spot - but I cannot take this man, although he was in my opinion the entertainer of the century, to the council for approval. They want facts! They want dollars and cents! Sure, that is annoying and all, but that is the way they are!" he fumed. "Oh, if I was the king and not some duly elected official who is constantly being hamstrung by those doggone rules related to a representative democracy I would make the decision right now - but unfortunately I have to take this proposal to a bunch of people who don't appreciate the 1970's as much as I do. Oh, the lot of a small town mayor is never easy!" he sniveled!

Pro bono publico (usually shortened to pro bono) is a phrase derived from Latin meaning "for the public good". The term is generally used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service.

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