Jun 24, 2010

Entire Town 'Pleasantly Gob-Smacked' After Awesome State Representative Susan Fagan Attends Lamont 100 Year Festival (Yes, its true!)

In the moral equivalent of some poor, illiterate, mud-covered foot soldier suffering from a self-inflicted wound being visited by the Queen of England on some forlorn, wreckage-strewn WWI battlefield, the small and celebrity-shy town of Lamont was darn near knocked to their knees when, before the Lamont 100 Year Festival even started, one of the rising stars in the State House of Representatives arrived in Lamont to say hello (This woman is a cut above, people!!) and to mingle before driving in our somewhat meager parade, for goodness sake! Rep. Fagan (R. Pullman), accompanied by some of the cutest grandkids anyone in Lamont ever remembers seeing, not only made it to Lamont, but stayed for hours and hours - although a person can pretty much see everything there is to see in under 3 minutes on a good day. (And don't forget all of the other events in District 9 that she could have spent that time at on that day! That was really special for us! Think about it!) "Whoa! When I walked into the Community Center and this pleasant, happy, genuine person came up to me and shook my hand and said 'Hello!! I am Susan Fagan', I darn near had a seizure right there on the spot!" said the pole-axed Mayor with that residual glow one gets after meeting a person of true stature and gravitas! (Can we still even use that word after John Kerry so muddied its meaning in the 2004 election?) "Anyway, of course I was running around, taking care of last minute details that I should have done days before so I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to spend with her, but just the fact that someone of her stature would come to our kooky little town gives me new hope in the future of this Republic!! If we have people like that in charge over there in Olympia, then all I can say is 'bring it on, cruel world!" he gushed! "I mean, this is Lamont, for crying out loud! We are still basking from that time in 1979 when Billy Carter's brother-in-law got a flat tire on Highway 23, for Pete's sake! (although he didn't, in fact, bring a trunk load of 'Billy Beer', the cheapskate!) We just aren't used to that level of star power! I mean, it was Susan Fagan! And she was so nice, too! Somehow we just felt so unworthy - thru no fault of hers, either!" he said humbly!!! "Oh, I just wish my mother was still alive to hear about this. She would be so tickled pink!" he concluded, wiping away a solitary tear!

(Editorial Note: We at the Lamont blog are pleased to be the first to endorse Rep. Fagan for Governor of the Great State of Washington!! Of course, we have no idea if she is interested at all and we would hate to lose her in District 9, but the need is there - and what the heck - if it works out right, the Lamont Blog (a private entity!) can finally say we were first at something, for Pete's sake! Go get 'em, Susan... We need you! And thank you for coming to see us in the 2nd smallest town in the State!)

(Editorial Note On Previous Editorial Note: Okay, being basically ignorant of things in general and political protocols in particular, we just hope we did not just 'kick the hornet's nest' by endorsing someone for a position that they would be great at but that they have expressed no interest in whatsoever. But desperate times require desperate measures, and the Lamont Blog is willing to go out on a limb and to take a bold, fearless, unflinching stand, at least until someone who knows how these things work 'none-too-gently' smacks us down and tells us how to do things the right way, for Pete's sake!! Thank you! But remember the name 'Gov. Susan Fagan'!! Or better yet! 'President Fagan!" A little town can dream, can't they? And anyway, any sane leader with the grit, determination and quite extensive pain threshold to willingly stay in Lamont for so many hours (What willpower! What perseverance in the face of overwhelming adversity!) obviously has the 'right stuff' to stare down the godless global Commie hoards (especially in Washington DC! Whoa!) and tame the unruly excesses of the bomb throwing bed-wetters whose latest cultural temper-tantrum makes it so hard to get thru an airport! (How many of my pocket knives does Homeland Security have at this point, anyway? But I am glad they do if that means no one else has one!) And remember, you heard it all here first, or at least we hope you did!!!)

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