Jun 8, 2010

Century West Engineering Still Effectively Helping Lamont In Spite Of Lamont

The largely scatological and decidedly annoying Town of Lamont breathed a collective sigh of relief after realizing, once again, that Century West Engineering, the Town's outrageously awesome engineering firm, is still 'in the trenches' on behalf of the Town, in spite of the fact that they have years of actual experience under their belt in working directly with the 2nd smallest Town in the State. Century West, based out of Spokane, demonstrates an almost super-human 'pain tolerance' and just continues to slog away, regardless of whatever tomfoolery and/or nonsensical conundrums the Town gets itself into. "Good gravy, man! What staying power! What gumption! What sheer grit in the face of overwhelming backwardness and indecision!" shouted the jubilant Mayor with his arms stretched towards the Heavens. "Oh, regardless of whatever inadvertent craziness and lack of resolve we throw their way, they are still there - logical, solid, staid and effective, for crying out loud! I mean, Lamont is the sort of Town that could goof up a soup sandwich, but in spite of all that history Century West has not washed their hands of us and/or challenged us to some sort of medieval duel to reclaim their lost honor or whatever - but instead they cheerfully answer our calls, (and return them!), seem incredibly friendly and helpful, and just continue to work for the betterment of the Town, in spite of every informal rule of social justice and fair play ever known!! Its all very confusing, if you ask me!" he gushed.

The Town of Lamont, somehow still barely clutching onto the mantel of a "representative democracy' (with white knuckles!) in spite of their lack of size and a complete and total lack of demonstrated municipal management talent, does, by its very nature, run counter to the efficient, orderly, concise and results oriented cultural ethos of engineering firms in general and Century West in particular, thus drawing a stark contextual delineation between the two organizations that could not, in fact, be more dramatic, if you think about it. "Oh, all one has to do is look at our library project. I mean, we have been all over the map with them, seemingly coming up with a new idea every day! But do you think that they have turned their back on us or even attempted to run us down with their car? NOOO! They just continue to glue the broken cookie jar back together over and over. I just don't know how they do it!" he said philosophically. "Why every town in the whole dern country doesn't hire them I will never know - but that may be a good thing. That leaves more of their obviously abundant understanding and patience for us, I guess" he said humbly - demonstrating his annoying habit for shameless self-serving that seems to be a hallmark of the Palouse, or so it would seem!

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