Oct 4, 2009

Local "Parrots For Peace" Activist Decries Annual "Slaughter Of The Wheat" Ritual As Barbaric

In a bold stand against man's callousness towards Nature in general and all living things within a 10 mile radius (as the crow flies, if you will) in particular, a local spokesman for an internationally famous 'voice for the underdog' threw caution to the wind late Tuesday by drawing attention to the long overlooked and decidedly barbaric practice of the slaughter of 'living things' that are just minding their own business, not hurting anybody - and just doing what wheat is supposed to do - grow in a semi-arid environment not suited for many other (non-weed) plants where obscenely cold weather and infrequent rainfall are actually positive growth factors. Although taking time out from his busy schedule of teaching young birds various unsavory and 'naughty' words (in several languages!) that he picked up during a brief trip to the Mexican border region several years ago, the parrot expressed the outrage of many at the wanton destruction of such a seemingly peaceful member of the ecosystem - a humble member of the grass family - wheat.

"Well, if the 20th century taught us anything, it is that if we look the other way while the highly subjective 'least desirable' or arbitrarily determined 'unworthy' of us are allowed to be mowed down by the cold efficiency of a technological juggernaut run amok, then eventually our turn will come around in due time" said a certain 'Erika', a local efficiency expert and Jewish bread maker of some renown. "I am not sure the "Parrots For Peace" folks would be as upset if people just wandered aimlessly thru the fields, gathering as much as they could carry like was the norm in biblical times, but the introduction of the 'machinery of mass destruction' somehow seems inhuman and all too 'industrial' to them, I guess" she said. "And as anyone who has ever been around a parrot with a 'bee in their bonnet' will attest, it is often just easier to acquiesce to their demands than having them shrilly blurt out their protests at all hours of the day or night, for Pete's sake!!!" she said pleadingly. "Plus, it is every parrot's fantasy to break free of their earthly confines and commune with nature - and what better place to do this than in 1000's of acres of a virtually endless food supply with few if any genuine predators that amount to anything, when you get right down to it! So, on some level, I guess it is selfish on their part - but try explaining that to an agitated, squawking, and absurdly self-righteous parrot! Believe me, it is just better to do as they say!! Plus, my regionally famous 'Jewish Bread' recipe calls for barley and oat flour (historical staples of the Holy Land)- so what is a little less wheat in the big scheme of things?" she mused resignedly.

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