Feb 19, 2010

Correction And Apology To An Important Segment Of Our Readership:

Although shocking in and of itself, the Lamont Blog can and even sometimes does make a rare, solitary, isolated, statistically outlying and thus quite lonely mistake and/or is insensitive without meaning to be so, as appears to be the case now. In a previous article, we quite callously used the term 'balderdash' in regard to this or that thing that the Mayor was prattling on about at the time. (Oh, who can keep track of it all?) The original intent of this word, balderdash, was taken solely in the traditional English definition, and quite frankly we were unaware of the disturbingly fanatical and surprisingly touchy segment of our reading audience who are actually followers of the obviously reclusive and media shy Norse (Viking) god (small 'g') "Balder" - who is one of the favorites of the decidedly energetic and vengeful Viking segment of our quite diverse readership. As it turns out, Balder (although that word can be used when describing the Mayor from this year to last!) was the most handsome of all the Norse gods (is that really saying that much? I mean, have you seen these guys - like professional wrestlers with swords and butter rubbed in their hair!) - and who was a god of truth and light. Balder was also knowledgeable in healing herbs and runes, which made him a favorite among the people of Midgard. (isn't that a town up there in Stevens County or something?) Balder lived in a palace named Breidablik with his wife Nanna, (no relation to Nanna Snopes of Lamont infamy, one would hope) a vegetation goddess. (Oh, that's all we need - one more of those pesky veggie lovers! What kind of self-respecting 'barbarian god' would marry a woman that doesn't even eat meat - I mean, come on!) The now infamous Balder, unlike Lamont's somewhat 'thinning up top' Mayor, was beloved by the savage, barbaric, blood thirsty, murderous, criminally-inclined Vikings - so any inadvertent offense that was taken because of the Lamont Blog's quite insensitive use of the word 'Balderdash' is sincerely regretted by all concerned. We would ask the area Viking hoards to forgive this oversight and plead with them not to visit rapine, wanton destruction and pillage on Lamont, the truly repentant and humble 2nd smallest Town in the State. If there is an insatiable blood lust or overwhelming need to go berserk that must be quenched, however, we would remind our valued Viking brothers that there are any number of small towns in Lincoln and Adams County that, in our opinion, deserve to be ravaged, plundered, exposed to mindless mayhem and set upon with reckless abandon by these horrifying barbarian miscreants more than we do, for goodness sake! Thank you.

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