Feb 2, 2010

Town Just Can't Help But Love That Doggone Dennis Fuller From Century West Engineering

With Valentine's Day just right around the corner, the shockingly disorganized yet unshakably loyal Town of Lamont went down a collective memory lane late Tuesday as the moon glistened off our rain moistened streets put in by the TIB and Century West Engineering and the Town took stock of the many good things in their lives. (Sadly, the Mayor's keen management insights and bold, visionary (some would say 'crack-pot'!) orientation did not even break the top 50 on anyone's list (including HIS OWN!) and ranked even lower than that broken shovel that everyone seems to have in their respective garages!) (Darn their eyes, the ungrateful wretches!)

Dennis, the 'head honcho' or 'big cheese' or President or whatever of Century West Engineering, leads an amazingly diversified and highly-spirited (yet shockingly effective and success oriented) (and don't forget efficient!) team of individuals well versed in all aspects of their industry - from pure engineering and all that 'science stuff' all the way to grant writing and conflict management, too! (In Lamont, they have had to play the role of the habit-donning nun with the long ruler on more than one occasion - and we thank them for it!) "Well, given that Lamont spends well over 90% of our collective time either undermining the shockingly few existing institutions that actually work or dragging our feet in opposition to anything new that might make things somehow better, Dennis and his team have had to spend an inordinate amount of their 'Lamont time' in full riot gear! Who knows what they would have been able to accomplish here if they didn't have to spend all that time pulling us off of each other's throats! But even with that, Dennis and the gang have really taken this sad, 'left-for-dead' Town and turned it into a place you wouldn't mind showing to your mother. That really says something to me" he sniffed, wiping away a tear like the big softy he is.

"And Dennis is so dreamy, too!" butted in an overly eager yet decidedly representative local woman before being shouted down by the Mayor who, being a dude, just can't see how that would be relevant to excellent engineering project management in any way whatsoever!

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