Feb 8, 2010

Lamont's Favorite Parrot Rescue Person Begins To Question Sanity Of Some Parrot Rescue People

In a startlingly circular line of reasoning that seems almost too mind-boggling to fathom for more than a few seconds, the uber-goddess of efficiency and Lamont's favorite patron saint of parrots, Erika, has cast a decidedly jaundiced eye on some in the tightly knit community that spend a large portion of their free time saving and rehabilitating some of the smartest creatures in the Lord's animal pantheon. "Well, first off, I am always a little suspicious of any organization that would willingly have me as a member - but putting that aside, I just began to notice a few little things that just made me ponder the very fabric of parrot rescue psychology itself!" said the Joan of Arc for cockatoos! "I mean, a vast majority of the parrot rescue folks I know are totally cool and committed and all of that, but like with any natural gathering of like-minded individuals, there are bound to be a few nutty ones, too! (Editorial Note: Whoa!!! How true! Just look at the Town of Lamont! Talk about proof! Truer words were never spoken!)

"I mean, it takes a special kind of person to take and mend such an obviously above average animal like a parrot - so by definition you are not going to get the less intuitive and caring segment of the population, as a rule. But with any self-selection that involves human beings, there is a whole spectrum involved with those personality traits. Let's take intuition and empathy, for example. Sure, they are hard to define, yet some people would go so far as to believe that they were parrots in a previous life or that parrots can, in fact, truly understand them and can read their minds (unlike their hapless husbands, for goodness sake!) or whatever. Now that is just a little too much for me, I would say" said the feathered friend's Florence Nightingale. "I believe in giving my God given talents to protecting and preserving one of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures in the world and don't care so much for any of that nonsense in the cosmic realm. Thank goodness that that segment of the parrot rescue community is less than 1/2 of one percent! (Editorial Note: What the heck? Only fewer than 1/2 of one percent are totally bonkers?? Dang! And we thought Lamont was doing great at 37.9%!!! Oh yeah, life is fair! Stupid parrot rescue people! What show-offs they turned out to be - all normal and what not!) I mean, parrots are just birds and even they think that that cosmic business is just nutty. (she wanted to say 'bird brained'!) All they want is love and stability and the occasional peanut and for someone not to mix their fruits and veggies in with their pellets, that's all! (We pity the fool that mixes fruit/veggies with parrot pellets!) Can't we just leave it at love and caring and properly separated food - for Pete's sake? I mean, come on!" said the 'Mother Teresa' of Macaws the world over! (at least our little part of it!)

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