Mar 12, 2010

Area Airedale Society Lodges Complaint Against Lamont Blog Over Inflammatory Depiction Of Breed

The humble Lamont Blog, the scrappy and self-styled 'Premier News Organization in the Palouse', was formally served with a decidedly scathing complaint after they inadvertently ran a controversial photo of an Airedale under what can only be deemed as 'compromising circumstances'. The photo in question was originally published in response to a very disturbing and unnatural 'hugging spree' that had gripped the Town in its cold, life-sucking grip, and really had nothing to do with Airedales themselves - although open-minded individuals could somehow be led to believe that that was in fact a fairly typical behavior for that largely misunderstood breed.

"Well, I was casually surfing the internet when, much to my horror, I somehow ended up at that cursed Lamont Blog!" said the highly agitated Airedale owner, Sheri, who appears to be on the run from the Authorities in the forlorn desert wastes of the American Southwest. "Anyway, not being a big hugger myself, I was naturally drawn into a somewhat poorly written article on how hugs are destroying this little old town stuck out in the middle of nowhere, when I happened to glance at an obviously faked photo of a sheepish-looking Airedale with his paw wrapped around an obviously content and relaxed cat. I could not believe my eyes! What blasphemy! What distortion of reality! What a crime against an extremely loyal and loving breed!" she ranted insanely! "Anyone who knows anything about anything (Editorial Note: Thankfully the Lamont Blog has never been accused of THAT!) knows that no self-respecting Airedale would ever even be in the same room with a cat, let alone 'cavort' so shamelessly with the doggone things! I mean, I have nothing against cats, but that is the same thing as showing a picture of a snake lovingly embracing a kangaroo rat or a Bald Eagle nuzzling up against a salmon or whatever. It just isn't natural, I say! I demand a retraction!" she fumed!

(Legal Note: We at the Lamont Blog only desire to provide insightful and cutting edge reporting and had no desire or intention to ignite some 'inter-species' conflict and certainly had no intention of disparaging an outstanding breed of dog by implying that certain members of that canine sub-group were not avid cat chasers. We apologize for any confusion or discomfort our picture caused as we attempted to stomp out a very real societal problem - the blatant and widespread scourge of spontaneous hugging by people who really do not know each other that well. And we would also encourage Sheri (and her pooch!) to immediately turn herself into the closest branch of the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) so she can put that whole tragic 'legal mess' behind her once and for all. Oh yeah, Sheri, and try to be nicer to your sweet twin sister, too! Thank you.)

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