Mar 17, 2010

Area Parrot Suffers Unfortunate 'Wardrobe Malfunction' After Viewing Lamont's Outrageously Awesome Town Improvements

In yet another startling testimony to the excitability (and downright wackiness!) of the common cockatoo, an area bird, Tangi, age 7, was so gob smacked by the improvements made by the Town in anticipation of their 100 Year festival being held on June 19th that he experienced an embarrassing yet hopefully short-lived 'control problem' related to his normally preened and well quaffed feather covering. "Well, when he gets all excited he likes to let his feathers go wild, for some dern reason!" said the now infamous (and annoyingly efficient!) Erika, an area parrot rescue person and one of the team of outstanding individuals from Century West Engineering who have served the Town of Lamont so well and dragged us kicking and screaming into the warm, loving embrace of the early 19th century! (Not bad given that we were in the late bronze age only 4 short years ago!) "I have tried telling him not to do that - that one day he was going to be stuck like that, but do you think he listened to me? My mother was forever telling me not to make faces at my stupid sisters because I might get stuck that way, so of course I tried to pass on that wisdom to my parrots (what about HER kids, doggone it?) - with less than stellar success, as you can well see" she scolded with that unnerving certainty that all mothers seem to possess! (Oh, why do they have to be right so often?) "Just because the average parrot is oftentimes as smart as a human 5 year-old doesn't mean they know everything - but try telling that to one of them, for Pete's sake!" she said exasperatedly!

"Anyway, Tangi seems to love nothing more than driving thru Lamont (a town just slightly bigger than his cage at home!) on those fantastic new roads they just got and stopping for a refreshing drink of some of the best water in the State, (both excellent additions brought to the Town by Century West Engineering, those rascals!) but ever since he heard that Lamont was sprucing up the place for their big festival, he has been bugging me non-stop to drive him out there to see what the heck is really going on!" said the over-indulgent aviary expert with an exasperated sigh. "So, needless to say, he was more than a little excited about the new painting project for the fire station and he began puffing up a little as we slowly drove past, but when we toured the new parking lot over by the Community Center (that used to be a notorious weed field!), that was obviously the straw that broke the chicken's back, because he just spazzed out and has been stuck that way for several hours. I hate to say "I told him so", but I did, in fact, tell him so!! I guess that 'old wives tale' is true, after all! I am pretty sure as we drive back home that his totally understandable awe and amazement will begin to fade and he will return to normal - not that that doggone bird was ever very normal in the first place, that is" she said peevishly. "Next time I will just have to be a little more careful about what I show him in Lamont. I guess even parrots have their limits when it comes to positive change - as does an amazingly vocal segment of the citizenry, or so I have heard, anyway - but one never knows what to believe!" she said sagely - having learned from her parrots that simply repeating things is not always a good thing to do.

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