Mar 30, 2010

Local Man Just Can't Understand Why Stupid Cat Comes Back Inside To Use The Doggone Litter Box

In what is either one of those cute, charming quirks of nature or is in fact just the tip of some elaborate and shockingly nuanced inter-species 'power-play' iceberg, an area man was more than a little put out when his cat, Roberta (the Latin lover!), made three (3) special trips inside the house yesterday to 'relieve herself' when there is an almost limitless number of places 'to go' outside - and the weather has been so nice, too! The headstrong yet affectionate cat loves nothing more than sitting on the back deck all day long, basking in the sunshine and keeping a weary eye out for those doggone rival cats and/or the occasional bird that would have the temerity to invade her otherwise well-ordered and peaceful 'Sanctum Sanctorum', also known as the back yard.

"Dang it, man! What is wrong with that stupid cat!" said the area man, litter box scoop in hand (and a pinched up look on his slightly green-tinged face!). "This stupid house is on three large lots and there is 2 garden spots, an old chicken coop, a separate garage and any number of trees and bushes to choose from! But for some darn reason, that little minx seems hell-bent on making extra work for me! My other darn cat seems perfectly comfortable going outside - and even seems to prefer it - but not Roberta! Oh noooo!" he fumed. "And every time I open the back door I'll look right at her and tell her in no uncertain terms 'You better not be coming in here to use the bathroom, doggone it!" - but she will just push right past me with hardly disguised pity and disgust and make her way to any one of the three (3) litter boxes that are strategically dispersed across the house. What nerve! What cheek! What blatant disregard for the desires and feelings of others!" said the put-out pet owner. "It is almost like she just enjoys seeing me clean up after her in the most unpleasant way - like it is some test of dominance or some chilling battle of wills! It just all seems so unnecessary, somehow!" said the defeated, broken man while pulling out the can-opener to open up a can of 'Fisherman's Feast', Roberta's favorite afternoon snack.

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